Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday already!!

It's that time of the year again that just flies by and before we all know it we're sitting around feeling almost too full to eat left over triffel for brekkie and thinking about which pressie to play with and continuing eating just because it's that time of the year so we can!! [ Im sure that's not just me that feels that way every boxing day- is it?].

Today went by so fast- started early at the gym, then home to get kids up and ready for school then dropped kids at school, then home again sorted some of my never ending washing/folding/ironing pile, then just enough time to make 1 summer range vintage inspired fabric scarf, then off to the pool to watch Indy's swimming class and help the girls get their caps on and off and get changed quickly enough for Indy to give out some snakes to her class- it is getting towards the end of week 2 of swimming and as much as they all enjoy it they are now starting to show just how tired it is making them.

Then back home to make 4 more scarves, {pics to come},  then cook tea and get kids bathed and in PJ's so that the next few hours is a little easier and bedtime will hopefully happen earlier too as I have another early start tomorrow leaving home by 7:30am for work.....bring on the day I can just work from home!!!!

Sorry about dodgy phone pic this was actually taken to send to my sister to see if she like or not.
Well that's my day so far - it will now be not until at least Friday night/ Saturday morning that I can continue sewing and creating and I can almost already feel withdraw symptoms setting in- I just kinda feel happy and serene when I am making and creating.....ahhhhh

What have you been doing?

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