Sunday, October 10, 2010

I ♥ handmade ~ xo

I ♥ all things vintage & new stock

Well it has been a long time between blogs- hmm we are very sorry for that - ultra slack of us- xo

Some new images:

LOTS of new stock arriving in store - promise to add pictures as soon as they arrive.

~ xo

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Late happy new year to everyone

What a wonderful break we have all had here at rust and co headquarters - some really great fun family time!!!

So a busy year starts up again all fresh and new- and the whole back to school gathering and book covering starts again this week with master and misses having already chosen their themes for this year.

We have some exciting new "stuff" happening again this year which is nice!

Let us know what you have been up to.....


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fabulous Christmas gift ideas for everyone.....

Pop in and say hi, stop for a coffee and bite to eat while you organise some christmas shopping - all in one stop!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

New stock in store ready for Christmas!



Pips meme theme this week from meet me at mikes I love!! Kate from has chosen Collections....
Being a huge vintage collectables fanatic this is right up my alley!!!!
If you get a chance pop over to Meet me at Mikes and check out some of the amazing collections out there....

Part of my favourite from home include my Indian clubs & skittles collection- these are some of my most loved ones!!! 
Thanks for the picture Indy!!

Have a great week everyone xo

Wednesday, November 18, 2009 stock due in this weekend!!!

We are all very excited over at Rust & Co. as we have a huge weekend planned with lots and lots of new stock coming in and some big changes to all displays in store.

Some of our exciting new suppliers include:

just the best fabric covered hair accessories and button goodies...
have  a look at Rosie's beautiful creations at her blog

-aunty cookie
including her  awesome eye chart and ampersand cushions
check her all out

-ruby victoria
who has amazing original hand carved linocut prints and letterpress cards and gift tags perfect to dress up your gifts this year.
have a closer look at her  through her blog:

-silver nutmeg & a golden pear designs
this is a new designer who makes really cute vintage inspired wares including softies, home textiles, quilts, pretty summer scarves, little lady summer dresses and skirts all from high quality cotton, linen, denim and including some upcycled vintage fabrics.  So new no web details as yet although I am sure they are being created as I type so will add these on as soon as I receive them.

We are hoping to have all these new items beautifully displayed in store after this weekend-yah- oh and for those who may pop in on Saturday whilst some "moving around" may be going on our apologies if we are disruptive at all  and thank you for your patience whilst we rearrange!

I promise to post heaps of pics as soon as they are complete...

Happy days everyone. xo

Thursday, November 12, 2009

a few pics...

I will add a proper post soon I promise - things are just a bit flat out here this week - tends to happen from time to time with 3 kids and work and life in general as I am sure you all know!!

Plus in my efforts at being healthy I have injured my wrist- right hand- so am really limited with what I can do now for a little bit hopefully having it strapped up will sort it out in a day or two!

I thought I would add a pic of Indy's room- which those who know us can agree is usually a well lived in room!  She has been asking me to include her quilt and curtains which she helped construct and I did promise I wouldn't say she is always messy - as I guess she isn't just "busy" stray pink sock and Cats scarf still out on bed even though season is well and truly over - and all!! Maybe if she see's this online she may be more tempted to have a little late spring clean up? Nasty mumma aren't I!!

Out to the shops quickly now.... then some eyes and faces for Mr Rabbit to take care of- see how far I get with those with my wrist.

What have you all been doing this week?