Saturday, October 24, 2009

pips meme this weeks theme "bedside" as per pottymouthmama

My very busy but productive bedside area....hmmm hadn't actually ever stopped to think about what it looks like- a bit messy but it works well for now;

My old touch lamp for middle of the night visits from children, a stash of my fav books and mags plus an ever changing group of kiddies favs for stories in bed at night or early on weekends to give me that "little bit longer in bed" before its up to cook pancakes- Oskar's fav brekkie on a Sunday.  And a spare pillow beside bed for such an occasion so I don't end up getting up with a crook neck.  A lot of planning and gathering seems to have gone into this space.

I also have a ritual of lip balm after brushing teeth before sleeping?

Mix of notebooks for all the best ideas that come to you in the middle of the night- one for business one for home....

A fowler bowl for all my last minute jewelery removals that I really cant be bothered getting out of bed to put away and lots of spare hairbands for chucking the hair back in the morning.

My phone charging for next day or for last minute communications if hubby is working shift work.

An awesome letter/card from my daughter- makes me smile every time I read it!

And a glimpse of my hot water bottle for our cold Tassie  nights....

Whats on your bedside?


  1. Love the note too. I am sure I received one that looked very much like that. Cherrie

  2. I love your bedside. I like the way it combines the mummy stuff with the partner stuff and the you stuff. All in together. It looks cosy and comforting and ready for anything over there! Thanks for playing. xx

  3. I love your bedside too!! I love how lived in and loved it looks. Real, not scary perfect, but very comfy and gorgeous too. I really love this one!