Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lazy sunday afternoons......

As much as I do love lazy sunday's I had some work to do.... more bears to make

They're getting there and look quite happy on my couch. 

Project no. 2 - bath mats- 

these I have wanted to put together for months now so decided I would chop chop chop and just do it...the first "trial" shall stay and live with me as is a bit wonky and I do love things that are just not perfect they seem so much more "real" to me like they are more deserving to hang around some how-  more likely to not be pretentious and just fit in and be willing to help out when needed I love that!  Does anyone else get that?

Batch 2 for shop 

Project 3:
More vintage inspired dresses for shop
Think Pink one is my fav...but I love the blue too...Indy has chosen a great green spotty one- I also live that one- lucky Oskar is a boy or I don't know just how many would actually make it in store.


Well that's my lot for this weekend now I'm off to have a looksie at other's bedsides...I love this game thanks again Pip!

And I'm thinking after such a productive Sunday surely I can have a lazy Monday afternoon?  xo

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