Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pip's my place & your's theme- I'm playing along...

I'm playing along with Pip's Meme, over at Meet me at mike's. The idea is 'My Place & Yours, what a great idea I love home inspired things and also the inspiration of what my fellow home makers are doing, so I'll be playing along each Saturday, want to join in? The first theme is "on the shelf".

My shelf:

Well this is really my dining table but hey I figure it works and I do like the blur of the pic- that's my budding photographer little miss 8 - and I so love cherry blossoms....and left overs from a crafting afternoon with my littlies.


Top of bookshelf in our room

Teenage sons shelf of skateboard decks

My studio/workshop 1/2 shelf 1/2 inspiration board

Other side of studio- my "supervisors"

Shelf upstairs with Miss 8's art work- I love my kids art!


What's on your shelf?


  1. Wow Miss 8's art is wonderful - thanks for sharing

  2. Hi Cherry, thanks so much! I know I'm biased but I do agree and there is something special about framing children's art- they are still such "free" and honest images...Thanks for stopping by