Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pip's meme this weeks theme - Blog HQ care of Ninon

This is mostly my HQ's ; my trusty pfaff, indy's janome behind and overlocker, a few unfinished and current projects on the go and inspiration board I have decided needs an up date- love doing this makes me feel all fresh again, even though technically a lot of blogging and PC work is done from my fav possie on the couch- my sister can vouch for this!! 

As well as the dinning table which is also a grand working spot and another fav of mine as its a super large square table where I can spread out and also has great light and is super warm in winter and airy in summer not to mention close to the fridge for a drink stop- maybe I need to relocate the dining area and move in there??

I also have been known to have a sewing table - a great vintage green old school desk- in the lounge area upstairs which is a. warm and b. has ace views of the mountain.  So to be perfectly honest I have kinda taken over the whole house with my HQ's....hmmm ah well tis all good and I haven't moved into the kids bedrooms yet!! Although they have the best views of the garden.....

Thanks again Pip for hosting & Ninon for theme. 
 Might go check out some more HQ's now.

Happy week wishes to you all :)


  1. surrounded by lots of lovely meaningful things which i find very appealing!

  2. It's so interesting to see your HQ! Love all those things : works in progress, tools of the trade, inspiration clippings, knicks and knacks! Thanks so much for showing us what goes on at your HQ! x