Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Today was such a beautiful day in Hobart- nice and warm a great taste of summer!!

Busy day again- 3 more vintage inspired girls dresses for the shop
and 37 mr & mrs square bear fronts, ears, arms and legs cut out ready to go.... by this time the kids were on their way home with lovely hubby so I started making  dinner.

A quick visit from my mum & dad- it is always so nice to see them, they have also had busy days in their cafe, then the day was still so nice outside I thought I would get some pics of the garden....

the garden looks like an overgrown jungle during spring and summer time all of the magnolia's, maples, cherry trees and crab apples have filled out and are surrounded by big fat hellibores with equally big fat aphids sucking on them- best re- spray on weekend...

a couple of my box hedge cuttings starting to grow up in their rusty pots...


magnolia nigra - one of my fav's has such a dark flower.


this is the side garden I have been working on in bits and bobs to try to tidy it up and fill in- it is almost getting to the "picture" I have of it in my head...

Will be busy again tomorrow as I am off to the royal hobart show with Oskar's class- I hope the nice weather lasts!!!

Hope your day was as much fun as mine.

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