Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A happy Tuesday

I have had a great day - have managed to get lots done even with Miss 8 home from school unwell. 

I must admit the first half hour was spent with me doing a lot of staring into space trying to remember what it was that I wanted to get done.............this seams to becoming more of a habit these days.

But once I got started today I was onto a good thing- cup day and all- well my first bit of news was that my horse I had in my other works sweep was the one scratched- but I won $130 for that so not too bad I guess!

Back to production line today- I managed to complete my designs on some new softie's toys I have been contemplating for a while- Mr Rabbit and Miss Dolly- designed their patterns and cut out pieces and put together 3 of each, they just need their faces and filling now - then I was kinda over them and needed a break from them for a bit...

So onto some more little miss skirts for upcoming market and summer stock for the shop- 7 more all up so am happy with that also and I have tomorrow to get onto some more allsorts purses and fab badges.....hope to be as productive as today!

The wind here was insane today with rain literally coming in sideways in what seemed like great bit waves crashing against the windows upstairs- and we don't live near the beach...

What have you all been up to today?

Hope your days was productive as mine...

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