Thursday, November 12, 2009

a few pics...

I will add a proper post soon I promise - things are just a bit flat out here this week - tends to happen from time to time with 3 kids and work and life in general as I am sure you all know!!

Plus in my efforts at being healthy I have injured my wrist- right hand- so am really limited with what I can do now for a little bit hopefully having it strapped up will sort it out in a day or two!

I thought I would add a pic of Indy's room- which those who know us can agree is usually a well lived in room!  She has been asking me to include her quilt and curtains which she helped construct and I did promise I wouldn't say she is always messy - as I guess she isn't just "busy" stray pink sock and Cats scarf still out on bed even though season is well and truly over - and all!! Maybe if she see's this online she may be more tempted to have a little late spring clean up? Nasty mumma aren't I!!

Out to the shops quickly now.... then some eyes and faces for Mr Rabbit to take care of- see how far I get with those with my wrist.

What have you all been doing this week?


  1. Hi Courtney - my emails to you keep bouncing back? can you email me? Thanks, Shannon.

  2. hi mummy how are you i am great i hope you are is the shop going
    love Indy